The Waterways Guide and what it is:

The online Waterways Guide is a paddling guide to Australian waterways. It provides descriptions of rivers, lakes, estuaries and the seas off the coast of Australia. It is based on the original touring information for rivers in New South Wales taken from the Canoeing Guide of NSW and enables this book to be updated, and enhanced with maps, photos, real time weather and river data, access points, trails and camping spots. The original information is being extended to provide information for all waterways including estuaries and seas.

The Guide commences in New South Wales. We look forward to seeing it extended to all of Australia and close regions.

It is envisioned that the Waterways Guide will belong to all paddlers and that the site will reflect  the needs of the paddling ccommunity. You are asked to join the Community, to support and have your say in the development and future direction. In order to keep this site functioning, especially without advertising, we need to be able to establish the value of the site to Business, Government agencies like Tourism, Communities and Maritime , and to you, the user.

The current development team are volunteers who are recreational paddlers. and members of PaddleNSW. They work under the auspices of PaddleNSW, the State Canoeing body and directed by a Sub Committee of the PaddleNSW Board.  Australian Canoeing endorses the project for extension to include information for all States.  The Education portfolio of PaddleNSW has funded the building of the interactive responsive website.   Grants from NSW Transport Maritime and the NSW Ministry of Police and Rescue Services has supported the safety messages and the development of the PaddleSafe Waterways Guide app. 

Other groups, including freshwater anglers, canyoners, and users of the waterways are invited to join the community. Each stakeholder group has representation on the development committee.

The Waterways Guide concept is continually developing and the current team would welcome volunteers who can assist in the following areas and more:  social media, business analysis, IT and editing, refining adding new material.  EMAIL to make contact. 

Thanks to:

Volunteer Jeff Cotrell: Volunteer with Landcare group Willow Warriors. They paddle waterways to map and treat weeds particularly in remote areas where they provide the best value to the community and conservation of our natural assets. The group own kayaks, rafts and pack rafts for volunteers to use on their projects. Jeff is a Life Member of PaddleNSW.

Volunteer Lynn Parker: Keen recreational paddler, Life member of the River Canoe Club, Life member of PaddleNSW and Paddle Australia.  Project Manager of the Waterways Guide and education in PaddleNSW.

Thanks to our whitewater paddlers who thought it time to transfer the book "'Canoeing - Guide to the New South Wales" to an online publication.

Originally, the Canoeing Guide was produced in 1990 as an update of a similar guide book produced by the NSW Canoe Association. It became the touring guide for paddlers in New South Wales, and it acknowledged the many volunteers, some of whom have passed but many who are still here assisting in this new production. The original Guide explained that this voluntary publishing project--under the multitude of pressures on time, funding, family and other personal commitments--meant that the project would take years to produce and that inevitably some of the original members would not be able to maintain their involvement over such a lengthy period of time. The same can be said today, and it is with sincere appreciation that PaddleNSW extends to all those who have contributed previous content and who are here now and who are about to assist in releasing this new online publication a hearty thank you.

The information and images on the Waterways Guide is copyright. Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of private study, research, criticism, or review as permitted under the Copyright Act, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of PaddleNSW Incorporated. All correspondence concerning the content of this publication should be addressed to PaddleNSW Incorporated.