In many parts of Australia (and overseas) paddling guides are becoming old and do not always keep up with the changing face of paddling, different equipment and circumstances.
The idea of Paddle Australia is to have a guide that can be constantly and easily updated with new rivers, sea kayak trips and paddling notes, rather than waiting many years for the next guide book to be published.
This guide is a forum in which paddlers from Australia and all over the world can do one of three things:
1.access information about different rivers and sea kayak trips around Australia;
2.contribute information about rivers and sea kayaking trips that are not in the Paddle Australia guide, or update information about trips that are;
3.use this site to access information about and discuss any other aspect of paddling.
The guide also aims to generate more interaction; sharing and seeking of information; new runs; closed runs; issues; etc. between paddlers across Australia; and to welcome overseas paddlers.
The site is intended as a guide only, with logistical information and descriptions on the nature of a river, rather than detailed blow by blow accounts of every rapid.
The guide is a continually evolving work (a bit like a river or coastline), it needs your input to grow and improve. We need your contributions of rivers and sea kayaking trips and updates on existing submissions. Your comments, good or bad, will always be welcomed. The Contributions Page explains how to share your information and opinions.
The Paddle Australia Guide was estableished in the early 2000's and archived in February 2020
The considerable work done Julien Atherstone & Mike Lyons to develop the initial concept with Adventure Pro
The investment in the Paddle Australia paddling guide by of AdventurePro and in particular the time invested by Colin Kneebone and Tony Barnett.
The many contributors to current trip information who are credited within any information attributed to the Adventure Pro guide.