The Nymbo was published by Brian Cork with maps by Ally Cork and with the help of friends and family as acknowledged below. Brian has give Paddle NSW permission to reproduce some of the contents of the Nymbo on the waterways Guide web site and associated Mobile Device Apps

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The motivation to research and compile this book came from the vibrant and enthusiastic bunch of paddlers based in the Coffs Harbour area and thanks are due to many of those amazing people who have supported its development.
Biggest thanks to my wife Karen for supporting and sharing my lifelong addiction to whitewater paddling, exploration and the love of the outdoors.
Thanks to my awesome daughter Ally for joining me on many amazing paddling missions. I am so lucky to be able to share that with you. It will also be handy having someone to lead me down the river and portage my boat as I get older.
Thanks to my parents Pam and Colin who introduced me to paddling and ingrained me with a love of the outdoors through many great family adventures.
Thanks to my paddling mates over all the years. You know who you are.
The biggest input on river info was from the legendary Boris Everson. His knowledge the Derrigo Plateau from years of kayaking, four-wheel driving, motor bike riding , mountain biking and canyoning, along with his uncanny bush sense, has given him an unparalleled ability to access nearly every nook and cranny of the Nymbo catchment. Thanks mate.
The main people who contributed to the development of this book include Ally Cork(maps), Pete Menzies (paddling history and review) , Karen Black (review), Colin Cork(geology and review), Pam Cork (European history and review), Chris Pulkkinen(review), Michael Taylor (photos and design advice) and Craig (Cas) Fardell (photos).
Lots of other people contributed photos too. Thanks for helping make this such a rewarding book to write.
Finally, thanks to you readers for your love of whitewater paddling and this amazing part of the world. See you on the river.