Section Levels

0.69m   View Abercrombie River > Abercrombie Bridge To Wyangala Storage
0.59m   View Abercrombie River > Bummaroo Ford / Taralga - Oberon Rd. Bridge To The Beach Camp Ground
0.59m   View Abercrombie River > Jerrong Rd. Ford to Bummaroo Campground / Taralga - Oberon Rd.
0.59m   View Abercrombie River > The Beach campsite To (Hadley) Or Abercrombie - Goulburn Rd.
1.34m   View Avon River (Vic) > Navigation Creek to Wombat Flat
0.11m   View Avon River (WA) > Avon River
1.74m   View Barkly River > Mt Skene Creek bridge to Glencairn Bridge
0.72m   View Barnard River > Corroboree Flat To Manning River Junction (Bretti)
0.34m   View Barrington River > Barrington Reserve To Kia Ora Bridge
0.34m   View Barrington River > Bindera To Rocky Crossing
0.34m   View Barrington River > Cobark to the Cove
0.34m   View Barrington River > Moppy To Cobark
0.34m   View Barrington River > Rocky Crossing To Barrington Reserve
0.60m   View Barwon River (Corangamite) > Inverleigh to Pollocksford Road
846.29m   View Belubula River > 03. Carcoar Lake
0.54m   View Belubula River > 04. Carcoar Dam Wall to Carcoar village
0.54m   View Belubula River > 05. Carcoar to Mandurama Burnt Yards Road,Fagans Bridge
0.30m   View Belubula River > 06. Mandurama rd, Fagans Bridge to Bakers Reserve Burnt yards Road
0.30m   View Belubula River > 07. Belubula river ,Bakers Shaft reserve -Canowindra
0.62m   View Belubula River > 08. Canowindra to Gooloogong
0.65m   View Bielsdown River > Bielsdown River
0.86m   View Blackwood River > Blackwood River
0.23m   View Brunswick River > Brunswick River
1.70m   View Buckland River > Buckland Bridge to Harris Lane
1.70m   View Buckland River > Harris Lane to Mount Buffalo Road
0.85m   View Canning River > Canning River
0.85m   View Canning River > Canning River
0.53m   View Capel River > Coast to Bussell Highway Return
-0.05m   View Cataract River (Nepean) > Cataract Road Bridge To Douglas Park Bridge
0.95m   View Clarence River > Tabulam to Yates Crossing
0.95m   View Clarence River > Yates Crossing to Yulgilbar Bridge
0.45m   View Clyde River > Clyde Ridge Road Bridge To Shallow Crossing
0.45m   View Clyde River > Yadboro Bridge To Clyde Ridge Road Bridge
1.40m   View Cobungra River > Cobungra Brandy Creek Firetrail to Dry Gully Road
0.19m   View Collie River > Burekup Weir to
0.64m   View Collie River > Collie River Upstream of Wellington Dam
0.19m   View Collie River > Honeymoon Pool to Burekup Weir
0.19m   View Collie River > Wellington Dam to Honeymoon Pool
0.72m   View Colo River > Bob Turners Track to Upper Colo Bridge Colo River
0.72m   View Colo River > Canoe Creek To Bob Turner Track
0.72m   View Colo River > Glen Davis To Upper Colo Bridge
0.72m   View Colo River > Putty Road To Lower Portland
0.72m   View Colo River > Upper Colo Bridge To Putty Road
0.72m   View Colo River > Wollemi Creek to Canoe Creek
0.64m   View Coopers Creek > Corndale Hall to Boat Harbour
0.64m   View Coopers Creek > Numulgi to Boat Harbour
0.64m   View Coopers Creek > Repentance Creek Bus Depot to Corndale Hall on Coopers Creek
0.07m   View Coxs River > Coxs River Road To Sandy Hook
0.70m   View Coxs River > Glenroy Bridge To Cox's River Road
0.70m   View Coxs River > Lake Lyall to Jenolan Caves Road
0.07m   View Coxs River > Sandy Hook To The Six Foot Track
0.41m   View Deep River > Deep River
1.33m   View Delatite River > Merrijig to Piries
1.33m   View Delatite River > Mt Buller Road to Hearns Road Bridge
1.33m   View Delatite River > Piries to Delatite Plantation Road
1.33m   View Delatite River > Sawmill Settlement to Merrijig
0.20m   View Denmark River > Denmark River
0.41m   View Deua River > Kiora to Araluen Road Bridge
0.41m   View Deua River > Merricumbene riverside crownland to National Park Campsite
0.41m   View Deua River > National Park Campsite to Kiora
0.41m   View Deua River > Woolla To Merricumbene
0.28m   View Donnelly > Donnelly River
0.31m   View Fish River > Duckmaloi Junction To Phill Falls Road
0.77m   View Frankland River > Frankland River
0.44m   View Georges River > Wedderburn Causeway To The Woolwash
  View Gibbo River > Gibbo River Bridge to Japan Creek
0.51m   View Gloucester River > Maudeville / Invergorden To Bridge at Berrico
1.27m   View Goobang Creek > Lachlan river,Goobang crk. to Condobolin
1.20m   View Goobarragandra River > Macs Crossing to Rock Flat Reserve
1.20m   View Goobarragandra River > Rock Flat Reserve to The Trout Farm Rapid
1.20m   View Goobarragandra River > Trout Farm Rapid To Kell's Lane
0.91m   View Goodradigbee River > Brindabella Bridge To Mcdonalds Flat
0.91m   View Goodradigbee River > Cooleman Creek To Brindabella Bridge
0.91m   View Goodradigbee River > Flea Creek To Wee Jasper Swinging Bridge Reserve
0.91m   View Goodradigbee River > Mcdonalds Flat To Flea Creek
0.91m   View Goodradigbee River > Micalong Creek To Wee Jasper (Swinging Bridge)
0.36m   View Grose River > Devils Wilderness (Qualding Hill) to Faulconbridge Point
0.36m   View Grose River > Faulconbridge Point To Nepean River Junction
0.36m   View Grose River > Navua Reserve to the last rapid on the Grose River and return
0.36m   View Grose River > Woods Reserve to Navua Reserve
0.34m   View Harvey River > Harvey River
-0.24m   View Hawkesbury River > Pughs Lagoon
0.54m   View Hotham River > Hotham River
1.65m   View Jamieson River > Brocks Track to Wrens Flat
1.65m   View Jamieson River > Wrens Flat to Gerrang Bridge Gauge
0.34m   View Kalgan River > Kalgan River
0.29m   View Kangaroo River (Shoalhaven) > Gerringong Creek Road Ford To Hampden Bridge
0.29m   View Kangaroo River (Shoalhaven) > Hampden Bridge To Bendeela Reserve
0.29m   View Kangaroo River (Shoalhaven) > Yeola(Flat Rock) To Gerringong Creek Road Ford
1.59m   View Kiewa River > Keegans Bridge to Boyds Bridge
1.59m   View Kiewa River > Red Bank to Mongans Bridge
1.59m   View Kiewa River > Towanga Caravan Park to Red Bank
0.65m   View King River (Ovens) > Lake William Hovell to Cheshunt South
0.30m   View King River (South Coast WA) > King River Albany
0.47m   View Lachlan River > 005. Reids Flat to Wyangala Dam stored water
2.05m   View Lachlan River > 006. Lachlan River, Wyangala Village below Wyangala
2.05m   View Lachlan River > 007. Wyangala Dam To Darby's Falls
1.86m   View Lachlan River > 008. Darby's Falls To Cowra
1.86m   View Lachlan River > 009. Cowra to Farleigh Beach
1.43m   View Lachlan River > 011.Gooloogong to Forbes
1.86m   View Lachlan River > 013. Cowra To Forbes
2.73m   View Lachlan River > 014. Lachlan River Forbes, Iron Bridge to Cottons weir
0.77m   View Lachlan River > 015. Lachlan river, Cottons Weir to Jemalong weir
1.85m   View Lachlan River > 015. Lachlan River, Waroo Bridge to Bumbuggan Weir
1.85m   View Lachlan River > 016. Forbes to Condoblin
1.83m   View Lachlan River > 017. Condoblin to Euabalong
0.73m   View Lachlan River > 018. Euabalong to Hillston
0.69m   View Lachlan River > 019. Booligal to The Langerin
0.69m   View Lachlan River > 020. The Langerin to Oxley
0.69m   View Lachlan River > 021. Oxley to the Murrumbidgee River
1.74m   View Macalister River > Glencairn Bridge to Licola
-0.21m   View Macdonald River (Hawkesbury) > Higher MacDonald to Piggyback Bridge
-0.21m   View Macdonald River (Hawkesbury) > Piggy Back Bridge to St Albans
-0.21m   View Macdonald River (Hawkesbury) > St Albans to Sunnyvale
0.55m   View Macleay River > Kempsey to South West Rocks
0.66m   View Macquarie River > Bruinbun To Turon River Junction
0.66m   View Macquarie River > Eglinton To Freemantle Bridge
0.66m   View Macquarie River > Freemantle Bridge To Bruinbun
0.66m   View Macquarie River > Turon Junction To Long Point
0.66m   View Macquarie River > Winburndale Rivulet To Bruinbun
1.10m   View Mann River > Cangai Bridge To Lilydale Bridge
0.48m   View Manning River > First Ford Over The Pigna Barney To Claremont Farm
0.46m   View Margaret River > Margaret River
1.42m   View Mitchell River (Gippsland) > Angusvale to Final Fling
1.42m   View Mitchell River (Gippsland) > Waterford to Angusvale
1.40m   View Mitta Mitta River > Bundara River junction to Hinnomunjie Bridge
1.40m   View Mitta Mitta River > Hinnomunjie Bridge to Nine Mile Creek
1.40m   View Mitta Mitta River > Nine Mile Creek to Taylors Crossing
0.81m   View Murray River > Murray Gates
0.82m   View Murrumbidgee River > Angle Crossing to Point Hut using the Billilingra Gauge when the Lobbs Hole Gauge is out of action
1.11m   View Murrumbidgee River > Angle Crossing to Point Hut using the Mt Macdonald Gauge
1.76m   View Murrumbidgee River > Angle Crossing To Tharwa
0.82m   View Murrumbidgee River > Bredbo To Colinton
0.98m   View Murrumbidgee River > Burrinjuck Dam To Childowlah (NO CURRENT ACCESS FROM DAM)
0.98m   View Murrumbidgee River > Childowlah To Jugiong
0.98m   View Murrumbidgee River > Childowlah Training Run
1.11m   View Murrumbidgee River > Cotter Junction To Uriarra Crossing
1.11m   View Murrumbidgee River > Kambah Pool To Cotter Junction
1.11m   View Murrumbidgee River > Pine Island To Kambah Pool
1.11m   View Murrumbidgee River > Point Hut to Cotter Junction using the Mt MacDonald gauge
1.11m   View Murrumbidgee River > Point Hut To Pine Island
1.76m   View Murrumbidgee River > Tharwa To Point Hut
0.15m   View Nepean River > Bents Basin Gorge
2.07m   View Nepean River > Castlereagh To Yarramundi
-0.87m   View Nepean River > Old Maldon Bridge To Douglas Park
0.01m   View Nepean River > Pheasants Nest Bridge To Old Maldon Bridge
0.15m   View Nepean River > Wallacia To Penrith Weir (Includes Norton's Basin)
0.84m   View Nymboida River > Platypus Flat To The Junction
1.61m   View Ovens River > Hawthorn Lane to Ashwood Avenue
0.40m   View Preston River > Preston River Dardanup West Road to Estuary Drive
0.84m   View Scott River > Scott River
0.15m   View Serpentine River > Serpentine River
0.79m   View Serpentine River > The Trout Hatchery to Fire Road Nelson
0.46m   View Shoalhaven River > Bombay Crossing To Warri Bridge
0.46m   View Shoalhaven River > Charleyong To Oallen Ford
0.46m   View Shoalhaven River > Ferringdon Crossing To Bombay Crossing
0.46m   View Shoalhaven River > Oallen Ford To Tallowa Dam
1.33m   View Shoalhaven River > Tallowa Dam To Illaroo
0.46m   View Shoalhaven River > Warri Bridge To Larbert
1.36m   View Snowy Creek > Bogong Branch to The Walnuts
1.36m   View Snowy Creek > The Walnuts to Mitta Mitta
1.07m   View Snowy River > Jindabyne Dam to Werralong Road Ford
1.41m   View Snowy River > Mckillops Bridge To Buchan River Junction
0.79m   View Styx River > Wattle Flat to the Armidale-Kempsey Road
0.46m   View Swan River > Swan River
0.24m   View Thomson River > Bruntons Bridge to Cowwarr Weir
0.24m   View Thomson River > Coopers Creek to Bruntons Bridge
0.24m   View Thomson River > Thomson Reservoir to Walhalla Road Bridge
0.24m   View Thomson River > Walhalla Road Bridge to Coopers Creek
1.83m   View Turon River > Sofala To The Bridle Track
0.33m   View Tuross River > Belimbla Creek To Cadgee
0.33m   View Tuross River > Cadgee to Comerang Road
0.33m   View Tuross River > Woila Creek to Belimbla Creek
0.64m   View Warren River > Warren River
0.64m   View Warren River > Warren River
0.50m   View Wilsons River > Boat Harbour Road to Lismore
0.54m   View Wilsons River > Far north coast Canoe club club house flood watch
1.03m   View Wingecarribee River > Berrima Camp Ground to MacArthurs Crossing Wingecarribee River
1.03m   View Wingecarribee River > Berrima Weir to Berrima Camp Ground Wingecarribee River
1.03m   View Wingecarribee River > Burradoo to Berima Weir Wingecarribee River
1.03m   View Wingecarribee River > Cecil Hoskins Reserve to Burradoo Wingecarribee River
0.42m   View Wingecarribee River > Joadja to River Bend Nature Retreat Wingecarribee River
0.42m   View Wingecarribee River > Long flat to Joadja Creek Wingecarribee River
1.03m   View Wingecarribee River > Sproules Lane to Cecil Hoskins Reserve Wingecarribee River
0.27m   View Wollondilly River > Goodman's ford to Burnt Flat
0.29m   View Wollondilly River > Paddys River to River Bend Nature Retreat
0.27m   View Wollondilly River > River Island Nature Retreat To Goodmans Ford
0.29m   View Wollondilly River > Tugalong station run
374.59m   View Wyangala Dam > Wyangala Waters Park