Macs Crossing to Rock Flat Reserve

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Goobarragandra River
Main Entry Point: 
Main Exit Point: 
The river passes a magnificent stand of elms before being joined on the left by the Peak River. Following this is a long series of twisty grade 2 rapids. On entering the gorge a few hundred metres on, there is a quiet pool followed by a continuous stretch of good grade 3 rapids. This short, though rugged, gorge consists of a steep, boulder-strewn bed enclosed by high, rocky slopes which make access difficult. Many canoeists capsize in this stretch and have difficulty getting themselves and their craft out of the water. The rapids should be inspected before shooting and, if any of the party is tentative, rescue ropes made ready for throwing at strategic positions. The final rapid before the river emerges from the gorge cannot easily be inspected but usually causes little trouble even though it curves around a large boulder such that the line taken by early paddlers cannot be seen by those following. There is a large stopper at the bottom of this rapid but this does not normally hold craft as they travel at considerable speed over it. Shortly after this the river divides around a large island and it is best to take the left arm. This leads to a rocky run which ends in a pool at the Reserve.
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Average Grade: 
Continuous rapids and limited access to the gorge
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This section has changed since floods in 2012
Level Information: 
III tumut whitewater play_run
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POINT (148.43280086478 -35.411047950087)