Childowlah Rapid

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a recent report: " As far as I am aware it is still no problem camping at Childowlah Rapid.
Each time we have camped we have rung the real estate agent and let her know we were camping and she has said "no problem" but this is probably unnecessary.
A group of people have bought the upper section of the shoreline of the rapid from the old property boundary down past the rope swing to near the island and they had fenced it off.
Their fencing and caravan was washed away in a flood but may have been replaced by now.
13/1/13 reported from a fellow paddler.
Although they were very friendly when we were there and happy to allow access over their land it would be better to camp towards the bottom of the rapid on the land that I understand is still for sale.
If you arrive and there has been more activity and fencing it is possible for a few campsites to fit at the first creek downstream of Childowlah which is water reserve. The reserve is both sides of the creek where it meets the river but the better camping is just upstream. Access over public land is available from halfway up the hill after the creek bridge between the farm house and Childowlah rapid.
Interestingly the Australian Wildwater Racing Committee recently held some sprint races at Childowlah Rapid."

Murrumbidgee River
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Free Camping
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Hume Highway
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Remote camping
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NSW - Murrumbidgee
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Access off sand/bank