Sponsor Us

The Waterways Guide is a community-based website. To date the site is almost entirely produced by volunteers who are also members of PaddleNSW.

PaddleNSW has contributed the original material from the Canoeing Guide, and $15,000 seed funding from the education portfolio. PaddleNSW continues to provide support & funding as needs are identified.

Sponsors to date:

NSW Transport (Maritime) invested $5,000 to incorporate material for the Safe Boating Initiative.

Water Safety Black Spot projects of the NSW Ministry of Police and Emergency Services fund the development of the PaddleSafe app.  

Even with the Paddling Community embracing the Waterways Guide and freely contributing and revising the content, it will require ongoing webmaster support and further funding to keep the site free from advertising.


The following provides suggestions for the Community to share in the costs. Various stakeholders/beneficiaries could determine their level of investment. 

  • ADVERTISING:  A Business: kayak retailer; local accommodation; paddling schools linked from the Homepage, Single waterway or access point could be identified by a LOGO with links to their website.
  • PARTNERS can be new user groups who invest in the Waterways Guide and provide seed funding to cover some of the previous development costs, upgrades and likely increase to web hosting fees.  A position on the Management Committee will be available to direct the User Group.  They would be required to fund populating the website with their relevant information.

  • Waterway Sponsors: can be a local Club, business or recreational group who adopt a waterway and oversee its website content.
  • A Business can freely promote their product on the website. However, in the spirit of mutual ..... some business agreements are expected. 
  •  SPONSORS are strictly investors for defined/contracted OUTCOMES ( WSBSF or Maritime)
  • COMMUNITY - Users; in addition to the free sources material, individuals can  “Donate” as in Wikipedia or “subscribe” for the Newsletter & updates, or purchase add-on products such as maps,

Our underlying goal is sharing paddling activities with others as a lifelong sport.  In so doing we need to be ever mindful of  raising safety  awarenes and producing  very useful tools. 

Each day, another new idea comes across the desk.  By donating to the Waterways Guide you will be supporting the paddling community.

If you would rather donate your specialist knowledge and skills, particularly in IT, then contact feedback@waterwaysguide.org.au as we surely have a job for you.