Contributing to the Waterways guide is really good. The more quality content the site collects the better it gets. Paddlers, Retailers, Clubs, Tourist information relevant to water users is all welcome. You need to do this from the waterways guide website itself (not the APP).  If you create a trip on the APP it is yours unless you click public, then we can use the info for everyone.

On the website, don't forget to always first click on SECTION/ACCESS DETAIL on the Section/access Summary.  Scroll down the teaser - to see the complete details, images, comments.

A REGISTERED (logged in) USER will see more information.

If you have tried out a paddle trip from the Guide and the route description needs updating or any of the other data is missing then please consider adding it.  Likewise if you have done a trip or new route not entered yet, please help us fill in the gaps. We are especially interested in helping the dedicated paddlers who share the word.

Contact with the details or request an  upgrade to your login privileges so you can become an EDITOR.

First upgrade to EDITOR 1 enables you to access a form from the SITE MAP (bottom of page. Start with the ADD Access Point (if it doesn't already exist). Then Add Section descriptions for a new trip. SAVE them, and then it will be checked by the Waterways Guide Team before sending live. (Couple of important points when doing this. Always associate to a Waterway(river or lake) and Region AND don't forget to locate on the MAP where it is by adding a pointer. This pointer can be found top right hand corner of the map.)

If you, your Club or Business,  has particular interest to a waterway or regions, we encourage you to adopt that area to look after.  Contact for upgrade to EDITOR 2 to review other contributors additions.. Publish your own contributions.

If you don't want to become an Editor its easy to send the information to

ADD Media: Pictures and links to videos can describe access points, trip features, a business, a Club event,  a rapid or hazard. Follow the prompts, choose files less than 750 KB and make sure you "save" your work. 

Login to use the following description templates: This process will help to ensure the information is appropriate to the site and keep out nasty spammers. They can be found on the SITE MAP - scroll down till you find.

ADD Access Points:

ADD Trip and Section :

ADD Businesses: Clubs are a sub category.

ADD Special Points of interest:  Can be found along the trip route like a mountain to scale or a nasty rapid, a good camp site, or in the Region to investigate whilst in the area. Please note it is not and Access Point. (start, weight point for shortening the trip or finish point - it's also access to the vehicle)