Bindera To Rocky Crossing

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Barrington River
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WARNING:  There is a large tree down across the river that has braches down to the bed of the river forming a sieve.  Very dangerous.  There are no easy eddies to stop prior and it can only be portaged if people get out well before and walk a long way.       This is an excellent trip for novices or for the more experienced. 0.45 at Rocky Crossing should be considered the "rock bottom" level for this Section. Novices will find the section very taxing as the rapids, though not of high grade (some grade 2+), are tricky. It may take novices the best part of a whole day, particularly if there are many capsizes. This section is often used for races when it takes a bit over an hour for experienced racing paddlers. As the road follows the river fairly closely, pulling out in an emergency is relatively easy. It has varied features and many rapids and is an excellent river to teach people to paddle safely. The river is lined with old bottlebrush trees and casuarinas. Areas of rainforest and blackboys which are passed on the way add variety to the scene. Unfortunately some of the rapids, especially in the first half of the trip, have tree branches projecting onto the water which can be hazardous. About half-way down a delightful series of drops known as "The Steps" are encountered. In the second half, below The Cove there is a suprise Grade 2+ rapid around a blind corner. The river flattens out and the pools between rapids become larger. Near the end of the trip the river passes between casuarinas and greater care should be taken here. There is a camping ground at The Steps where access must be previously arranged through the Barrington Outdoor Centre in Gloucester.. About 500 metres below The Steps is a public access called The Cove. Cars may be left here for splitting the Binderra to Rocky Crossing into two separate trips. The road to Binderra (a private property) passes through the Cove and is about 5 kilometres drive on from Rocky Crossing..
Trip Duration: 
2 - 5 hours
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Highest Grade: 
Shuttle Length: 
30 minutes
Very pretty river with overhanging trees.
Hot Tip: 
Caution needs to be taken as the river flows through trees at higher levels following rains.
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Section location: 
POINT (151.81783447226 -32.030053108966)

Comments We are a Sydney based Club, and find the Barrington River Section a perfect spot for novice paddlers. The camp ground at the STEPS is very comfortable with showers and toilets.
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The Binderra property ACCESS from Manchester road that follows on from the STEPS is no longer available. You can however access from Westleys Road from off Barrington West. Follow along this road for a bout 8-10 kilometers and you will find a public reserve on the right. Carry your boat down the hill for about 20 metres and put in on the Barrington River, which is actually a river right side of the large island that divides the river at Binderra.