Cobark to the Cove

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Alternate Name: 
Barrington Remote Section
Barrington River
Main Entry Point: 
Main Exit Point: 
This is a very pleasant day trip on a beautiful section of river. It is commonly known by canoeists as "The Gorge". The first few kilometres are easy but soon the grade of the rapids increases up to good grade 2 as the river enters the gorge proper. Later, the river quietens again, flowing between banks lined with old bottlebrush and casuarinas. A couple of hours into the trip a low-level bridge MUST be portaged. This is a great lunch spot.  Look out for the Bindera Island where the river divides. Both sides can be negotiated but greater care should be taken on the right where it is narrow and affected by floods. Trees can block the way. You will need to use river right if leaving the river at Bindera South Access. If you plan to continue to the Cove then the left hand side is more open.  THERE IS NO LONGER ACCESS VIA THE BINDERA STATION.  For detailed information of this next section, please refer to the BIndera South to the Cove or Rocky Crossing.
Trip Duration: 
long day trip
Trip Length: 
Average Grade: 
Highest Grade: 
Shuttle Length: 
Round trip of about 80km taking at least 2 hours.
Remote with no easy road access until Bindera South
Hot Tip: 
Fallen trees across the river may be a danger following flooding rain.
Level Information: 
This upper Section is best above 0.7 but washes out aver 0.9
Section location: 
POINT (151.799301 -32.01075)