Rock Flat Reserve to The Trout Farm Rapid

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Goobarragandra River
Main Entry Point: 
This is a very pleasant section of river which contains many grade 2 and some grade 3 rapids. The first kilometre to the confluence with Stinking Creek (from the left) provides no difficulty. A few hundred metres downstream a low-level bridge can be seen beyond a rapid. This bridge is quite dangerous . As the water is very swift under the bridge, serious injury may be inflicted 'm 'row water, the problem is less serious but, if the water is at all high the bridge should be portaged. A further 1 km on the "Chute" is reached. This is a drop of about 2m with the water funnelling between rocks which are about 2m apart. This is a very difficult rapid for novices and should be portaged by them. If a capsize occurs in the main drop, paddler and craft should be assisted from the water quickly as there is a large rocky outcrop covered with steel mesh further down where the water divides. Craft full of water hitting the outcrop are in danger of breaking up. For the more experienced paddlers it is an exciting and taxing rapid. About 1 km below the "Chute" is a twisty rapid which may capsize many novices, mainly because it requires a good deal of negotiating. Capsizes rarely result in problems in low water as there is a large pool at the bottom, but in high water the blackberries along the banks of the fast flowing water make exit difficult. The rapid is best shot on the left side. Between this and the Trout Farm are many grade 2 rapids. Paddlers should familiarise themselves with the features of the Trout Farm rapid while doing the car shuttle so that they can recognise the approach to this rapid from the river in order that tentative paddlers may pull out above it. It is a relatively easy though rocky run in low water, but in higher water a big hole forms near the bottom which cannot be seen from the top due to the curve (to the right) of the rapid. The rapid is approached by taking the main left fork around an island which splits the river. Past the island it is best to veer to the right to avoid the hole at the bottom.
Trip Duration: 
long half-day or a short day paddle
Trip Length: 
Average Grade: 
Highest Grade: 
Hot Tip: 
Do not trespass on the Trout Farm property.
Section location: 
POINT (148.42333320394 -35.378382571904)