SPECIAL POI: Port Misery

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Maritime Heritage

The original site for the Port of Adelaide when the colony was first established, became known as "Port Misery" due to the unpleasant conditions passengers had to endure.
New arrivals to South Australia started writing about their experience arriving at the new colony. Thomas Horton James in his book "Six Months in South Australia" and Alexander Tolmer were just two who wrote about the "myriads of mosquitoes," and the "eerie tangle of mangroves with black and viscous mud" that passengers were either carried through on the backs of sailors or had to struggle through on their own. "Their luggage thrown promiscuously on the muddy beach, and unless promptly removed, frequently damaged by the rising tide".
"The shore is uninhabitable swamp, ....  This is Port Adelaide! Port Misery would be a better name;  for nothing in any part of the world can surpass it in every thing that is wretched and inconvenient".
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