Charleyong To Oallen Ford

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Alternate Name: 
Charleyong To Oallen Ford - alt
Shoalhaven River
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In this section the river is fairly wide and flows over a partly sandy bed through wooded country which is sometimes hilly and at times flat. For the first 10km the races are narrow and tree-lined. The first grade 2 rapid is located 15km from Charleyong (5km from the Mongarlowe junction) and the grade 4 a further 1/2km downstream. The grade 2 rapid is straightforward but the grade 4 has two drops before a final 1m chute diagonal to the riverbank. This rapid should be inspected before attempting it otherwise portaging is best achieved on the right bank. Six kilometres before Oallen, gold digging ruins provide an interesting sidelight to the trip. The second grade 2 rapid is a small drop just upstream of Oallen. Campsites are plentiful in this section.
Trip Duration: 
Easy 2 day paddle (8-12 hours) or 1 long day.
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Shuttle Length: 
The car shuttle is 42km one-way via Nerriga Road. It is possible to shorten the trip by putting in at Mongarlowe River Bridge and paddling 3km down to the Shoalhaven. Seek permission from the property owner on the southern side of the Mongarlowe bridge.
Section location: 
POINT (149.95290527305 -35.192505106946)